How much sun protection will your exterior solar screen provide?
Our system utilizes the world’s finest open weave fabrics made from durable PVC coated fiberglass and polyester fibers. These fabrics can block up to 85% or more of the sun’s energy from entering your home. The sun’s energy and light impedance of a fabric is determined by color selection and weave pattern “openness” – the darker the fabric and tighter the weave – the more protection. We offer 4 different varieties of open weave fabrics to offer you a wide variety of styles and colors to best match your solar shading needs.

Will a solar screen reduce my view?

On the contrary, our solar screen will actually IMPROVE your outdoor vision by greatly reducing sun glare and UV rays – they work sort of like sunglasses for your windows! You will retain your view without the damaging effects of the sun.

Will exterior solar screens reduce my energy costs?
Yes, exterior mounted solar screens have the ability to lower your cooling costs by stopping the sun’s energy BEFORE it enters your home. Its the sun’s energy that causes inside temperatures to rise and increase your air conditioning use. Exterior mounted solar screens are so effective that they can actually lower inside temperatures by up to 25 degrees, reducing your cooling costs by up to 40%. 

What will it look like when it’s the product in not in use?
Because of their fully retractable design, the fabric on a DuraShade Select-E/Elite-E is safely stored inside its protective casement – all you see will be the unit’s hardware. The DuraShade Classic-E offers several mounting options and an optional protective hood.

How will it look on my home?
Your retractable solar screens will harmoniously blend to your home’s exterior. We offer popular hardware colors as standard for our Exterior Solar Screens to match many of today’s exterior trim and colors. If you desire more color options, you may opt to have the hardware custom painted. We offer 1,000 of long-lasting hardware colors to choose from and custom painting only adds a week or less to your actual  production time.

How will these units mount to my home?
First a shading expert will work with you to design a system that meets your unique needs. Next factory-trained professionals will mount the units on your home’s exterior, pre-drill installation holes and use only corrosion-resistant hardware to provide a long-lasting trouble-free installation that many dealers will guarantee in writing.

How long does it take for these products to be installed after an order is placed?
Our shading products are all custom made and produced in less than 2 weeks. Allowing for shipping time and the dealer’s present workload, your shading systems should be installed in four to six weeks. Your local dealer will provide more accurate lead times.

Do you offer any other type of sun protection products?
We offer a complete line of retractable and stationary awnings for decks, patios, terraces, windows, doorways, and more for residential and commercial applications!

My home’s exterior design is really unique; will these products work on my home? 
We understand that every home is not alike. We have several fabric tracking options and a hosts of special items to design a special shading system just for you.

Will our solar screen fabric have seams?
We utilize the widest roll goods available to produce the largest size units without seams. Due to fabric width limitations, a horizontal seam may be necessary. This seam, in most cases can be placed exactly where you desire it.

We offers specially designed, interior-mounted shading systems that can completely block outdoor light or simply darken a room. Whether you desire total privacy for your bedroom of bath, or if you are looking to maximize your viewing enjoyment in your TV room, we can design a system to meet your unique needs.

Many of our Solar Screens can be motorized, allowing you to operate the system with the touch-of-a-button. If optioned, they may be controlled automatically and could even be incorporated into your lighting system during construction. With a motorized Solar Shading System you will have complete control over the sun and the ability to extend or retract the unit, stopping it at any desired position. When unfiltered sun is desired, your Solar Screen can be completely retracted into its self-storing housing, providing protection from severe weather. Complete specifications are available to architects and builders who want to build-in these units during construction.

Our Shading System will filter out most of the sun’s harmful effects while maintaining your view. Our specially designed fabrics allow you to see outside more clearly and permit filtered light to enter the room – without annoying glare. You can select a fabric that will enhance a room’s lighting décor while adding a level of privacy from the outdoors during daylight hours. Your Durasol Shading System can be operated by hand, with the touch-of-a-button, or can be controlled automatically with sun and wind sensors.

Exterior roll-up solar screens are unsurpassed in stopping up to 90% of heat, glare, and fading, while maintaining a magnificent view. They give a feeling of sunglasses on the windows.

Our roll-up solar screens are easily operated from the inside of your home. This gives you the option of lowering them only when needed and allowing maximum view and openness. They are great for windows, glass doors, sunrooms, and porches. Available sizes include widths up to 21' and heights up to 16' for one solid piece. Several units may be coupled if necessary.

Overall, you wil enjoy the following benifits by choosing us:

  • Diminsh Interor Fading
  • Filtered Light with a View
  • Block-out Capabilities
  • Easy to OperatedFully Rretractable
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Everything Can Be Customized to 14'x14'

Facts that you want to know...

Reduce Heat Gain, Glare & Fading

By effectively stopping most of the sun's energy BEFORE it enters the home, your exterior Solar Screen may reduce indoor temperature up to 10 degree directly behind the glass.

When lowered during the winter months, your Shading system will provide an insulating layer of protection from the elements. You get year-around protection from fading, glare and heat gain.

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