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Durasol Awnings and Shades: Flexibility, Strength, Durability:

UnderCover Outdoors delivers awnings and shades made with outstanding quality — that's why we sell Durasol products. Our sales representative will visit your home and work with you to design the unique shading solution to enhance and protect your home for years to come.

Durasol designers and engineers blend state-of-the-art technology with superior aesthetics, resulting in today's outstanding shading solutions. The strength and durability of their shading systems come from alloyed aluminum components that are vacuum injection-cast molded, a process that can only be performed in a handful of Foundries throughout the world. Vacuum injection-cast molding allows Durasol to create beautiful and functional shading systems with consistent quality and unsurpassed strength, unmatched by any other brand of awning. Durasol Awnings are designed to work in harmony with tension weighted arms and a load absorbing torsion bar, allowing the unit to function and adjust gracefully to changing weather conditions. And, because each awning and shade we produce is individually made to compliment your home, it offers you the flexibility to meet your desired needs.

Most Durasol products can be mounted on virtually any flat surface, under a soffit, or when limited mounting height is available, roof mounted using specially designed brackets. The roof mount application allows the shading system to be fastened directly into the roof rafters; the brackets are permanently bonded to the shingles, guaranteeing a waterproof seal. An optional hood is also available on most models to protect your awning from the elements when retracted.

Over 80% of Durasol Awnings are ordered with an optional motor. We incorporate the world's finest motors and state-of-the-art electronic controls from Somfy. A motorized Durasol awning or shade provides effortless, push-button operation, allowing you to stop the unit at any desired position. When you desire complete extension or retraction, just touch the control switch and walk away — the unit will stop automatically.

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