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Comfort and Control: Durasol's SunShelter Select

Durasol's most popular and versatile unit, the SunShelter Select awning offers you the control you need to combine the comfort of an indoor lifestyle with the beauty of outdoor living. Like all Durasol awnings, the Select was created to be a natural extension to outdoor living; it is maintenance free and self-storing. To retract, simply touch the button and walk away — your awning will stop automatically. A quality Durasol patio and deck awning sold for a number of years, the Select has earned impressive customer approval.

Innovative Drop Valance Adds more Versatility:

Select product innovations have met and exceeded customer needs again and again. One such innovation is our drop valance option. Our drop valance is available on SunShelter Select retractable awnings up to 24 feet wide, projection not to exceed 10 feet. This easy-to-operate unit allows you to extend vertical shade from the front bar up to lengths of 42 inches. Ideal for sun-and-water glare, the drop valance is available in solid acrylic fabrics or in open weave mesh, which provides cool shade without compromising your view.
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