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Premium Quality Awning System: Durasol's SunShelter Elite

The SunShelter Elite, available with a wide variety of options, is especially recommended when you want to cover a wide deck or patio area. It is Durasol's newest, most advanced system, built for outstanding strength and beauty.

Step Up To Superior Quality & Performance:

Reduce Costly Heat Gain Durasol's SunShelter Elite helps keep interiors up to 20 degrees cooler, greatly reducing your cooling costs.

Diminish Interior Fading Shelter your home from harmful UV rays and prevent fading of your home's valuable furnishings.

Enjoy Timeless Beauty Choose from a wide variety of long-lasting acrylic fabrics and three framework colors to match your decor.

Easy to Operate For ultimate convenience, Durasol's SunShelter Elite can be motorized with touch-of-a-button operation.

Fully Retractable Control just how much sun to let in — easily extend, retract and stop the unit at any desired position.

Commitment to Quality Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We back our commitment to quality with a twelve-year warranty.

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