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Elegant and Distinctive: Durasol's SunShelter Classic

The SunShelter Classic, Durasol's entry-level retractable fabric awning, protects you and your family from the sun's harmful rays while expanding your home beyond its walls. It will turn your deck, patio or terrace into an attractive and comfortable living space with the turn of a crank or the touch of a button. The SunShelter Classic is warranted for five years and is available in a range of fabric patterns and options to compliment your decor and lifestyle.

On-Demand Solar Control:

The SunShelter Classic is designed to provide on-demand solar protection. As you can stop the awning at any projection, you get as little or as much shade as you desire.

When not in use, the Classic is self-storing, requiring no seasonal takedown. Each SunShelter Classic Durasol product incorporates the finest 100% acrylic fabrics available to provide years of colorful beauty without the worry of rot, mildew or fading.

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